Friday, March 28, 2014

Fill the Gaps

Hey Everyone,

If you happen to know of a site record that is missing, give a shout so we can add it in.

Some noticeable sites missing XC data -

  • Equinox - HG, RW
  • Burke - HG, RW
  • Cannon - HG, RW
  • Mt. Tom - HG
  • Skinner - HG
  • Greylock - RW
  • Morningside - HG, PG
  • West Rutland - PG
  • New England Distance Record for Para-Glider is missing as well.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Site Records Updated

Cannon Mountain
PG - John Gallagher - 39.8 miles (2009)

Mt. Greylock
PG - John Gallagher - 20.1 miles (2010)

Whitecap -
FW David Hopkins 68 Miles

2013 New England XC Competition/Banquet

Last night was the Awards Banquet for the 2013 New England XC Competition. Hang-Gliding and Para-Gliding Pilots from all over the northeast, as well as from NY, and even North Carolina attended the event. We celebrated last years XC flight winners, as well as the oldest XC competition in the United States.

We had an excellent dinner at Bamboo Restaurant in Westford, MA where our Master of Ceremony, veteran HG and PG pilot John Gallagher led a night of amazing stories, intrigue, and a nice touch of history of this long running competition. Everyone enjoyed John's 'Old Guys vs. Shining Young Stars' side competition. He claims the old guys won...

Some of the attendees like seasoned XC veterans Jon Szarek and Dennis Cavanagro, told stories from the origins of the competition, the history of the Green Jackets (New England distance record), and the red jacket VHGA Sandmen (a small group of pilots that have made it to the beach from one of our flying sites). There were 4 of these members in attendance - Jon Szarek, Dennis Cavanagro, Jeff Bernard, and Randy BrownTom Lanning is another legendary member of the list, past MC, and regular attendee, but his wife Amy had to come in his stead since he was too busy scraping clouds in Florida (warming up so he can try to retake first place this year).

The list of winners 

Hang-Glider 0 to 25 mile class

No entries

Hang-Glider 25 to 50 class

No entries

Hang-Glider 50+ mile class

  • 1st Place - Randy Brown - Hang-Glide New England to Boscawen, NH - 72.2 miles (116.9 km) - story here
  • 2nd Place - John Arrison - Mt. Ascutney to Northwood, NH - 63.7 miles (102.5 km)
  • 3rd Place - Jake Pierce - Mt. Ascutney to Pembroke, NH - 56 miles (90.1 km)

Rigid Wing Class (new this year)

Para-Glider 0 to 25 mile class

  • 1st Place - Eduardo Garza - Brace Mt. to West Stockbridge, MA - 21.2 miles (34.1 km)
  • 2nd Place - Davidson da Silva - Mt. Greylock to New Lebanon, NY - 14 miles (22.5 km)

Para-Glider 25 to 50 mile class

  • 1st Place - John Gallagher - Mt. Greylock to Hudson, NY - 36.3 miles (58.4 km)
  • 2nd Place - James Bradley - Brace Mt. to New Lebanon, NY - 33 miles (53.1 km)

Innovative Landing Award 2013

Thanks to all the pilots, family members, and drivers that supported this event. You made this night possible! We look forward to seeing some of the up and coming pilots blaze trails across New England for the 2014 XC season! Fly Higher. Fly Farther.

We'll post photos of the event once they are in. Thanks to Max Kotchouro for taking photos again this year.

Sponsors and Honorable Mentions

Thank you to John Gallagher who made one hell of a presentation as the evening's Master of Ceremony. Thank you Allen Stanish for the remarkable work on the of building the wooden trophies. Thank you Barry Kriger for managing the raffle and helping fund next year's trophies.

We'd like to thank the Vermont Hang-Gliding Association, and the New England Para-Gliding Hang-Gliding Club for supporting the event through maintaining our flying sites, as well as funding the trophies and jackets. Thank you very much on behalf of all the New England HG PG pilots!

Last but by no means least, we would like to thank,

for supporting this event with prizes for the award winners. Without you, our flying and events such as this would not take place. Thank you for your gracious support!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2012 XC Comp Results

Hang Glider 0-25 Mile class

   Name           Miles      
1. Kip Stone      59.5    
2. Jeff Curtis     25.7    
3. J-J Cotes      9.5    

Hang Glider 25-50 Mile Class

   Name           Miles      
1. Randy Brown     94.8    

Hang Glider 50+ Mile Class

   Name               Miles
1. Jeff Bernard    101
2. Tom Lanning    84.9
3. Jon Arrison       84.0

Paraglider 0-25 Mile Class

   Name                       Miles  
1. Davidson Da Silva   24.9
2. George Baskette 19.5
3. Alex Miranda 18.6

Paraglider 25+ Mile Class

   Name             Miles    
1. John Gallagher   46.6
2. Robert Cardosa 42
3. Stephan Pfammatter 23
3. Bianca Heinrich 23

You can tell we had a good XC season by all the flights submitted that year - 

2012 XC Contest Submissions

Hang Glider 0-25 Mile class

   Name           Miles    Date        Launched         Landed    
1. Kip Stone      59.5     6/24//12    Ascutney, NW     Epsom, NH
2. Jeff Curtis    25.7     6/24/12     Ascutney, NW     N. Sutton, NH
3. J-J Cotes      9.5      6/9/12      Ascutney, NW     Morningside FP
x. Kip Stone      38.3     5/13/12    Tanner-Hiller    Pepperell, MA
x. Kip Stone      33.3     6/16/12     Mt. Greylock     Sunderland, VT
x. Jeff Curtis    18.5     5/26/12     Mt. Greylock     Bennington, VT
x. Jeff Curtis    12.5     5/20/12     Mt. Greylock     N. Pownal, VT
x. Jeff Curtis    9.8      6/9/12      Ascutney, NW     Claremont, NH
x. Jeff Curtis    9.5      5/26/12     Ascutney, NW     Morningside FP

Hang Glider 25-50 Mile Class

   Name           Miles    Date        Launched       Landed    
1. Randy Brown    94.8     6/24/12     Ascutney, NW   York Beach, ME
x. Randy Brown    48.0     5/20/12     Mt. Greylock   Pawlet, VT
x. Randy Brown    47.0     5/13/12     Tanner-Hiller  Pelham, NH      
x. Randy Brown    38.8     5/26/12     Ascutney, NW   Henniker, NH
x. Randy Brown    28.0     5/7/12      Mt. Equinox    Rutland, VT
x. Randy Brown    26.0     5/18/12     W. Rutland     Middlebury, VT

Hang Glider 50+ Mile Class

   Name           Miles    Date        Launched         Landed    

1. Jeff Bernard    101   7/8/12    West Windsor VT    Ipswich Ma
x. Jeff Bernard   86.6     7/1/12      Ascutney, NW     N. Berwick, ME
2. Tom Lanning    84.9     6/24/12     Ascutney, NW     S. Berwick, ME
3. Jon Arrison    84.0     6/24/12     Ascutney, NW     Berwick, ME
x. Jeff Bernard   74.0     5/31/12     Ascutney, NW     Freemont, NH
x. Jeff Bernard   64.0     4/13/12     Ascutney, NW     Montaque, MA
4. Jake Pierce    64.0     6/24/12     Ascutney, NW     Canadia, NH
x. Jeff Bernard   49.0     6/24/12     Ascutney NW      Concord, NH
x. Jeff Bernard   49.0     5/13/12     Ascutney NW      Concord, NH
x. Jake Pierce    49.0     5/31/12     Ascutney NW      Concord, NH
x. Tom Lanning    39.0     5/7/12      Mt. Equinox      Pittford, VT
x. Jake Pierce    38.7     7/1/12      Ascutney NW      Henniker, NH
x. John Arrison   38.6     5/13/12     Ascutney NW      Henniker, NH
x. Jake Pierce    37.0     4/13/12     Ascutney NW      Dummerston, MA
x. Tom Lanning    34.0     6/16/12     Mt. Greylock     Arlington, VT
x. Jeff Bernard   32.0     5/20/12     Mt. Equinox      Whitehall, NY
x. John Arrison   25.0     4/13/12     Ascutney NW      Walpole, NH
x. John Arrison   20.0     5/20/12     Mt. Equinox      Grainville, NY
x. Jake Pierce    13.0     5/20/12     Mt. Equinox      Pawlet, VT

Paraglider 0-25 Mile Class

   Name             Miles    Date      Launched         Landed
1. Davidson Da Silva   24.9  9/1/12  Burke, VT Franconia, NH
2. George Baskette 19.5 9/1/12 Burke, VT Littleton, NH
3. Alex Miranda 18.6 6/23/12 Petersburg Pass Petersburg, NY

Paraglider P25+ Mile Class

   Name             Miles    Date      Launched         Landed

1. John Gallagher   46.6     5/20/12   Mt. Greylock     Manchester, VT
2. Robert Cardosa 42 6/23/12 Petersburg Pass Skinner State Park
3. Stephan Pfammatter 23 9/1/12 East Burke, VT Barnet, VT
3. Bianca Heinrich 23 9/1/12 East Burke, VT Barnet, VT
x. John Gallagher   23     9/1/12   East Burke, VT     Ryegate, NH